Your brows don’t frown for being unable
the words to speak that are unfit
Your arms don’t slouch beneath the beast
that holds your truth with chains and mist
As far away, the sea advances
inside the infinite’s raw yards
as long as mountains keep on breathing
the golden air they hold on top,
as long as earth and sun combine
their hands and feet in their dance
our little truth will keep on shining
the little compass in our hearts.

Don’t look the hate in their eyes
as they shudder our palace
that we have built with so much care
upon the thinnest fribble sand.
Within the rocks, the roots don’t grow
their little seeds can’t spread to blossom
it needs the ground to be solid
it takes a wall to stop the wind.
Hide the sorrow in the carpet
that seeks a burst to set it free
the time will come to build our house
in foreign land, we’ll find our hope.