The Little Veil

Look how sweet is the veil of mist
as it befalls the night’s angst.
The fury flames are settled down
with a little kiss from grandma’s tales.

Look how peaceful are the seas
as sun bestows on them his shield.
It seems the dragon is asleep
while we dance above in haze.


For how long will the burial shrouds
account the truths you cannot bound.
The cloths will crumble in a knot
as vultures come, your oath to seize.

Your smile will rust like stale old metal,
your heart will age like rotten fruit.
And you will face the ultimatum,
the dreary question upon your doom.


Look how coal comes from the seeds
that stand astute in lava’s soil.
Look how earth, births darken roses
inside hearts caved with their miss.

Ashes encompass,
every little burst
with single steady steps
it shallows the world.


Not every sorrow blow started with a hazard
In little shiny smiles, they hide their ruse.
The myriad inconsistencies only become apparent
as little flames erupt, inside the morning glow.


But they will root for you to cut the knot
and join the cause that sets you free
And they will root the treasonous revolt
you’ll make to their broken dreams

Their shattered homes will lay on the ground
and slanted symbols will crawl on top
as dragon flames burn their castles
you’ll raise on, a prince again.