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The Power Of Expression

There is a magical power in finding the right words. Gasping the process of things as they unfold and uncovering your feelings as they take place with sheer nonattachment and subjectivity. Most people let their inner world pass by unengaged, uncelebrated, unaccepted. They ignore their inner workings and leave emotions unprocessed in their bodies. Then they crumble inside them from hurdles and knots that can go unnoticed for a long time before they manifest through some sort of sickness. They carry emotions without noticing them, and the baggage can get heavy, sometimes too heavy to withstand it…

The journey of expressing can be seen and tackled through several angles. There’s been an infinite amount of ways people have tried to do it through art, psychotherapy, journaling or even vibing with a friend. They all work in their own way. They all tap into some hidden gems and to the degree they are genuine they can inspire and incentivize others. But what is the art of expressing offering to someone really. Why is it so important and what happens when you avoid tackling into it.

Itwasn’t long ago that I would lead down a path of secrecy. I would avoid declaring any feelings, thoughts or plans and stick down the head going about my business full ant-mode. Immersing into an autopilot rush. I would avoid engaging with random thoughts that would pop up and refuse to dive into emotions I was experiencing. It was a form of avoidance and aversion to the world that I was too blind to understand.

Refusing your inner workings is equivalent to denying a part of you. Denying the existence of a much more important world. Your instinctual self is knocking at your door, but you refuse to respond. It’s amazing how blind people are sometimes. They follow their brain advice, thinking it’s the only thing there is. Couldn’t be further from the truth. The logical brain in the sense it is celebrated by the majority as the proudest component and achievement they have, is actually quite limited in its understanding and compulsive in its advice. Compulsive, meaning unable to see what is around it and adapt swiftly in the most suitable manner. Most hold on to it like the most trustable source. It’s probably way below that. In truth, it guides you into avoidance and patterns that hold you down.

Sohow does logic and the brain play out with expression? It is simply it’s biggest enemy. Logic is the biggest veil sitting in front of our eyes stopping us from experiencing life in the fullest and untapping the biggest processes that dance ecstatically below the surface. It’s what blocks us from engaging with things that tag along our way and convinces us it is for the best. Only the thing we don’t realize is that whatever we leave unengaged does not always turn around and leave kindly but stays put in our unconscious buzzing constantly in our ears. Every emotion that goes through you transverses through your body and unless you pay attention to it it’s gonna block the body’s natural flow and hinder its vitality. It’s not only beneficial but mandatory to tackle into them in whatever way is required or face some very unwelcoming reactions.

Self-awareness is the first component of emotional intelligence. It’s probably it’s most important part as well. One cannot simply fathom to expand into other’s territory unless he harnesses the chaos inside him first. It’s basically the pillar on top of which you can stand and expand outwards. And why is it that one cannot reverse the order and focus externally first? Not opening up into your inner world is enough to blind your eyes. It is equivalent in giving the driver seat to your ego and let it guide you wherever it wants. And the reason is simple. If you can’t understand your inner workings, you cannot harness it. You cannot gather up your resources in dealing with bigger issues or direct yourself into doing work that is hard and unpleasant. Your judgment will be influenced by unconscious factors and your emotions will be uncontrolled by hidden forces. You re basically expected of doing creative work while getting hit left and right by professional boxers.

Itwasn’t long ago that I realized how my attitude of secrecy worked. It was a protection mechanism from being judged and disapproved. Of course, I rationalized it as not being ready or really helpful at that point in time. But unless you raise your awareness enough to realize the lies you tell yourself many times, your ego is guaranteed to always choose the easy way out. Autopilot mode means doing the minimum to survive. You better have bigger hopes that this…

One can simply consider all the stereotypes we carry around through our lives. Stereotypes are there of course, to save us time from reprocessing things that others have done in the past but how many things are gone missing through this process. How many details get dismissed and how many opportunities lost?

Not tackling your inner workings is leading down a path of aversion. We are beings made up to save energy wherever we can. You think your preferences are well thought and chosen out wisely after deep consideration? Most of them are not. They are just the first choice that was good enough for you to move forward. It then created a pattern and a mental habit that makes you think it is the best choice you have, but unless you deliberately try the alternatives you can’t know for sure.

Expressing doesn’t always mean writing down your thoughts and publishing them. It’s mostly about the attitude. All it takes is to set your eyes on it and pay attention. Just observing and understanding them is enough to release them from your system and lighten your shoulders. That’s why keeping a journaling habit, or immersing into works of art can be so liberating. They allow us to express an inner part of us. It’s just that many times we get too busy to look at what is happening right in front of our eyes and forget to look after what is the most important part of the equation.

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