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Fulfilling The Lover Archetype

The lover archetype exists in all of us. It is the energy inside us that finds beauty in every little thing, engages fully with whatever is in front of it, and is not afraid to go all in just for the sake of the experience. Touching things, playing with a cat, smelling a rose or sensing the fur in the top of your jacket. They are all manifestations of the lover energy. They are all subtle hints of yourself tickling the world, playing around with it and trying to understand it. Understand it and appreciate it as is, because judgemental attitudes have no place at all near the lover energy. It accepts everything that comes its way as is. With their beauty and their ugliness. To the eye of the lover, they are all divine as they are. The more genuine, the better. The more rough and unedited, the more pleasure it gets. This energy is as majestic as it is dangerous. It’s only kept for the fearless ones. You can find fulfilment as well as destruction with it. You need to be careful. This is the energy we need to cultivate and fulfill in order to grow one of our most imminent aspects. The aspect of opening up to what is around us..

Before you start caressing the texture of things though, let’s back up and try to understand where it is coming from. The lover every is not to be found in the mere acts and words. It is a whole mind shift. It runs deep down the patterns you use to assess the world around you and only manifests through different ways as its reverberations and follow-ups. You can’t fake the attitude or act your way into it. You can’t force the love to come out of you and expect it to be fulfilled. It requires a level of awareness and understanding of the world before it can be expressed naturally. Once the base is down it’s gonna manifest on its own..

Breaking The Narratives

So what is this mental shift that is required to achieve such a state. What kind of mindsets do we have that blockade and suppress it. The answer is found in the awareness. Most people carry around a fragmented view of the world. They see themselves as one thing and others as something external and different. They see the world as a never-ending source that they need to take as much as possible to thrive. The narratives we tell ourselves can veil the reality and mislead us into thinking in terms of separateness. We thirst under our ambitious goals that we need to enforce to the detriment of others. The world transforms in a playground that the best wins and everybody else looses. What a twisted way of viewing things. It’s the pattern that leads someone down the path of loosing his very soul. What masquerades like a protection mechanism is actually a poison eating you from the inside.

What gives ground to such mindsets are nothing but the stories we make from others around us. We listen to their achievements and think this is the way we are supposed to be thinking for ourselves. Even the language itself is not helping at all. It seems very keen in creating sentences that contains words like “I” and “me”. Rationalisations are all around us. The world seems like a place with limited sources. An occupied position means no place for me. A winning argument indicates a loosing participant and a missed opportunity a selfish world. Welcome to the world of scarcity. Here nothing is free and prospects are rare. Only what if this is just the way you view things and the reality is quite different. What if this mindset is nothing but a reflection of an ill-thinking, bad-taste thinking pattern that exists only in your imagination.

Scarcity Mindset

But where is scarcity mindset originates from exactly. There are so many explanations and interpretations, but still it feels quite confusing. Is it focusing too much on what you don’t have, lack of gratitude and appreciation for your blessings? Is it being too fearful and anxious of a lacking future? Is it just being a realist and taking necessary measures for good reason? The angles you can look at it seem simply unlimited.

Scarcity mindset exists only within the realm of compulsive thought. It grows under the ground of obsession and closeness and feeds straight from the ego. Turning the back to the world, revolving around fears and expectations. Past and future, win or lose. Everything seem so dualistic and bleak. The world is loosing its colors and subsides with mere black and white. It’s not a great place to be in.

Scarcity comes from a disrupted sense. You cut out from what is in front of you and give in unhindered to your thoughts. Photographs of smiling faces are posted online constantly, the neighbor just got a new car, your friends keep showing off their money and wealth. You would be surprised to realise that any thoughts or feelings triggered by those events are mere compulsions. They came out of your head and don’t correspond to anything substantial really. But they do create negative loops. They do throw you into ungratefulness and fruitless patterns. Because you allowed yourself to get caught into the narratives. You started comparisons and evaluations which led you down the path of questioning your ideas and place in the world. You silenced your inner voice and let others dictate the reality for you..

The Way Of Abundance

Abundance comes from a unified viewpoint. There is not an I versus others, there is not a me against the world, but just an ever connected universe on which everyone leads down his own path. What if you don’t have the same amount of money or fame as somebody else? There is not an ‘X’ and ‘Y’ that you need to achieve to be allowed to feel good and there is nothing in particular you must do to be happy. You can allow yourself evolve down its own path and let your creativity unfold in its natural way. So many people lose their natural gift and potentials by trying to enforce stuff. They stopped listening to their instinct and disconnected from their true essence leading down the way of superficiality and unfulfilment.

There is nothing in particular capable of making you happy coming from a place of scarcity. It is an illusion played by your mind. You are never gonna feel fulfilled trying to accumulate money and wealth. You will never have enough by achieving the various goals and targets everybody has. Abundance is as illusive as it is misleading. Funny enough, you can’t find abundance either. The more you look for it the less of it you feel. Abundance only comes on its own after you abandon any materialistic hunting. It’s there only once you find the stillness and clarity to turn back to yourself.

A lover is so much more than a mere act. He realises the deeper truths that are so elusive to most of us. He repels all the noise and clatter and knows how to focus on what matters. His mindset is not a pure result of logical thought, but an awareness coming from dealing with his deepest fears.

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