Short Stories

Program 16

I’m gonna enjoy this all the way. I’ll make sure your pain is gonna be enduring and long-lasting, till the moment you will lose sense of who you are and how you ended up in here. By the end of the sequence, you are gonna be wishing you had never been born at all and death will be the most pleasurable option. 

But the process is gonna be long before the end of your Calvarious punishment. The pain is gonna prolong time, opening up the continuum to its bare nanoseconds. You will wish for it to pass faster when everything around you will seem to slow down and hinder. You made a foolish attempt when you had neither the capacity nor the knowledge of what this is all about. You marched towards something you can barely understand. But by the time I reach the fourth wheel you are gonna be regretting the time you decided to set your foot in here.

I’m still wondering though how did you manage to find us. Did someone of us speak? Ohh that could never be the case. The legionnaires are faithful and committed to the purpose they are serving. You see we have something you would never understand. We have honor and carry lots of pride for it. We are don-Quichottian romantics that put their values above their very own lives. We chase our dreams and ideals and would stop to nothing till we get to them. That’s how we managed to always get away from your hands and continue growing through the years. Your little culture is individualistic and self-centered, caring only for your own purposes. But we..we look at the bigger picture and what is beneficiary to the whole species instead of just one person.

You see we have already grown quite considerably. You don’t believe me? We have people in each and every state already and is not gonna be long till a whole overturn takes place, one way or another. You can forget all about your malicious government acts and their theatrical shows they give every day to the news. A new era is coming and its gonna be led by growth and prosperity. What did you say? How can native people do this to their very own country? Ohh You got that so wrong, we do all these because we are the only ones who care anymore. Don’t you see what is going on around you? Don’t you see the filthy, vicious, venomous snakes drinking the blood of this country day by day? Don’t you see the corruption and the deterioration that is growing every passing minute and is leading to our own unvoided detriment? We are the last guardians of truth and the only ones who care. 

Don’t you think for a second that you understand or that you are superior in any way. They led you to believe you are on the good side so that you act as they want and please. A foolish assumption while you work like nothing but a mere wheel to their factory. You pity little specimen. I wonder how you even managed to get so far to spot us. And what was it that even drove you into this hunt, I see you are no policeman or state official in any way. You had no job or justification to go after us at all..Or was it…Ohh now I get it…you lost your family in one of our acts, is it? Your wife and kids? Ohh that is quite a romantic act, I ‘ll give you that. But why don’t you leave your moral judgments and spikes or superiority for elsewhere? 

You see there are so many pieces of the puzzle that you are not in a position to grasp. And from what I see your wife was part of the Medical Club, a doctor of the highest caliber, was it? But I bet you think that her loss was in vain and unjustified. That she was offering great value to the world and those around her and deserved nothing but the highest honor. Am I right? You have no idea what her job was really about do you? Well, why don’t you let me enlighten you then…


Program 16. Development of nano-robotic technology that can intrude the person body, has entirely it’s own intelligence and self-regulation and acts in the prosperity of its host. These nano-robots are gonna be a person’s electronic bacteria sort of, being separate organisms that have been programmed to help the body function properly when they detect any kind of abnormality. And if that doesn’t sound too scary to you let me just tell you this was nothing but the mere public justification of the whole endeavor. The pretentious reasons if you like. In reality, this was a program devised by government officials to get inside the bodies of the citizens and start controlling them from the inside. There was nothing stopping them from dominating the whole society under their good-will theater and start getting reports of who is doing what, spying and even creating severe illnesses on people they..didn’t appreciate that much. 

Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? Another conspiracy theory you think? But that is exactly the point my dear. You are not meant to think anything else. They want you to believe that they would never act in such a way and that you can trust them so that they can do whatever they want. They threw scientific buzzwords at your face so that everyone who follows along is visionary and anyone who has doubts is mindless. All this ‘intelligent’ propaganda of atheists and technocrats are nothing but a way to diverge you from their malicious plans all the while you drink your wine to their name. Ohh what a performance! What a splendid trick the pulled out in everyone. They managed to drift us away from God and our higher purpose and serve their purpose instead! All in the name of science and progress! And now we are willing to open our hands and let them do what they want, as if they own us, as if have the right to it. But they don’t and we won’t let them I’m telling you that for sure.

Ohh you think we are hitting at random, terrorizing people and the society, but there is not a mere move from our part that is not meticulously calculated and severely analyzed. You think we are disordered and erratic when every single act of ours is pre-studied and executed on plan to the very last detail. You think we didn’t know anything about you or your family when we have a full-blown analysis of your doings Mr…Peppens. Ohh, don’t be that surprised now.

You see, I bet you are familiar already with the Original sin and the first rebellion in Eden. It always seemed quite peculiar to me why this guilt was bestowed upon humanity right from the get-go for something they never had the chance to repair. Imagine you are born into the world and the first story you hear is that you are sinful because of your pre-ancestors. And how unfair it is to be accused of something you had no saying or role into. I mean what is it that you can do about it, reverse time? 

But then it occurred to me. You are not there to save your self from the sin or rectify anything. You didn’t come to life to fix and compensate for these mistakes but rather it’s this sin that is there to liberate you! It’s the other way around don’t you see? The ancestor sin was devised to free you from yourself, to release you from your daemons! It’s the medium that explains all of your self-centered, malicious expansion of you into the word that drowns and sweeps everything in sight for its own good. It expresses all the deepest pain and logical deadlock that would otherwise occur if that wasn’t the case. A man is not meant to be angelic or the voice of good. He is meant to expand and take up space he doesn’t own. And this…guilt..this inner..pain and…awkward perplexity would remain in the deepest parts of our soul unacknowledged and uncelebrated making us lose our minds and way to our purpose and higher path. And thus we wanted the guilt. Isn’t that contradicting and ironic? We desired our suffering to liberate us from the deeper suffering.

Funny. But I have the feeling Mr. Peppens, that you didn’t come all the way up to here by accident. I think your soul was seeking for something. It was looking for liberation that was too blind, too constrained to find an outlet on its own. You see you are desperate Mr. Peppens, and I can see that. I’m the only one who knows what is going on in that little head of yours. Ohh please leave aside all your moral judgment theories. These are not remotely true or substantial in any way. You think we don’t know the first thing about you or what drives your spirit, is it? What if I told you Mr. Peppens that we know everything related to your little shitty life. That we know about your mistress and the daily lies you were telling your wife, and the times you were declaring being away for work and overtime while you were…privately partying around with friends, hookers and alcohol till no tomorrow. And how about the little games you were playing with your employees Mr. Peppens. The ways you decided to take advantage of them by paying them in changes and unappreciation all while you were confuscating their work and labor daily in your favor…all for the aggrandizement and magnification of your ego…Ohh Mr. you want me to continue? I’m sure you don’t. You don’t look very well suddenly it seems like you lost your… color! But let me assure you that you are still missing the point. You didn’t come here for revenge or retaliation and I hope you’ll manage to see this eventually. Ohh why don’t you admit it and save us both some time? You are here because your guilt is burning your insides Mr. Peppens. You are here because your heart is bleeding and suffocating in pain pleading for you to stop this monstrous path you are embarking on. Your heart drove you here Mr. Peppens. It drove you here because it was seeking liberation and freedom. And I’m here to deliver it to you. You see that’s why pain is so crucial to all this. Without pain, there is no freedom I’m afraid. But I have all the tools and time to cater for it. We are gonna start with the hammer first and then move into our little edgy friends with their slit sharp blade. Ohh you are gonna love these ones. And then we have the steel and the wheels…ohh buckle up Mr. Peppens, because liberation is on its way…