Short Stories


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. What you’ve known as your family is not your biological parents. Your origins are quite tremulous and diverged out of the worst of occasions. Ohh don’t be so persistent you’ll know everything on time. But let me assure you that your father did the best he could so that you have a normal life to the degree that was possible. And have no doubt that he was one of the noblest of men that the world has ever come to know. He was feared and admired like no other man has ever been and his name would shout as thunder every time it was spelled through fleshy lips. Alas, his courage brought his demise and his abide to honor did not allow him to pursuit easier paths that any other man would have easily taken. You should be proud of your father my dear, because he was the most powerful king ever seen and his rule encompassed and swayed the lives of everyone for the better. Until the powers of evil conspired and collaborated to subvert him. But first thing first, let’s take the events back from the beginning.

There was a time that Orion was united and all the clans were living in peace and harmony. They would all reside in accordance to the same rules and respect each other for the sensitivity and delicacy of such an endeavor. Orion was never in peace till then. Its history was filled with wars and battles through the time of its birth. Clans were never in agreement and would deny speaking to one another until your father came around and took a chance. He gathered each of the 5 leaders and managed to convince them to forget all about their differences. Not an easy task by all means. Some of them were fatal enemies and they would gladly drink each other’s blood if they had the chance to. But somehow a truce was made that night, and a new ruling was established allowing for the whole Orion to act as one entity, and with a common view.

What came after it was beyond anybody’s belief. Orion triumphed as the willingness for fight and opposition gave its place for development and growth. The planet was able to breathe again, to spur out like a beautiful flower and blossom like it never had done before. Even the most resistant of the leaders were stunt in disbelief of the amazing results.

As the years passed, the treaty continued, and so did the welfare and prosperity. The whole of Orion had denoted your father as the higher ruler and there was a general consensus on the need to have an allocated voice they could all trust and listen in on matters of conflicts. But the good fortune was about to shatter because foreign forces came to Orion with a set of requests that were impossible for any normal society to meet. The Equalus, one of the most bloodthirsty and cruel races in the universe got their eye on Orion and what they were asking was nothing else but mere enslavement and submission or our little planet would be destroyed and dispatched in pieces into the mighty ether.

Your father knew he had no choice but to take one of the biggest risks a person can fathom. He decided to travel in person to the Geminions in ask for help risking his own very life. You were still not born at the time but you were expected to and your mother tried her best to stop him. She tried to reason with him, put some water into his wine. Maybe the intruders would back up eventually and leave Orion at peace. Maybe they would manage to find a way and keep everything together and create a revolt from the inside. But he wouldn’t take any of it. He knew fairly well that unless he reached out for help, Orion’s destiny would be bleak and that was a risk he could not take.

Nobody thus far had managed such a far-away trip to the Geminions alive and it was quite improbable that even if he managed to reach his destination he would find what he was asking for. It was a perilous attempt and he could only hope for the better of it or Orion would be at the greatest of dangers.

His trip lasted for months and he came to face to face with lots of trouble along the way but somehow he made it to the end. Upon his arrival, he met with the lord Mecious himself and pleaded for his help. He promised him anything he could give for the ability to gather another hand and fight against the intruders. He explained that they had to act now and stop them before they became too strong and then expand to other planets. It wasn’t only Orion that were at risk but everybody. Mecious was uncompromising and relentless. He wouldn’t give in the slightest of forces unless he was obliged to. But in the dimmest of despair and amidst the painful realization, a new hope emerged later than night. One of his Mecious’s daughters found him in secret and let him in on one of the most paramount truths of the universe. He showed him the way to the Cygnus stones. The most powerful of forces, the holder of which could get strength beyond anybody’s imagination.

He knew what he had to do. He had no choice but to follow the lead and bring to his hand one of the most desired objects existed. Myth has it that it was God Ares himself that created the stones and set them upon one of the most menacing and hostile of places. A place that hell itself would resemble a pleasing park in comparison. Hidden down in the deepest of cavities, where no man would ever be able to reach, protected by monsters and demons that even the bravest would lose their lives within split seconds. Myth has it that there were mountains created out of the skeletons of those that lost their lives in the pursuit of the stones and nobody ever lived to be in a position to describe what he found there. All until your father reached the scene and managed to trick the guards and get his hands on the stones.

He arrived back to Orion but it was no longer the man everybody knew till then. His eyes had turned cold, soulless and his attitude..many would find it quite distant and unfriendly. But even so, he denounced all the intruders withing a night and re-established the previous Orion ruling the same way it was before. Clans got their piece of power back and stability found its way back to our lives. But he knew that he had to take a tough decision on the stones. Keeping them would set Orion in constant danger, for all those greedy corpses that lusted on power and would never stop till they get their hands on them. Keeping the stones would mean keeping the unrest and turmoil awake forever.

So he decided to destroy them by throwing them into the darkest depths one could find. His decision came in disagreement with some of the leaders and new unrest began from the inside. Secret alliances, thoughts of revolting, and the danger of mutiny arose within our own ground. We could see the distrust in their faces, but we never anticipated their insatiable ambition. Arborious and Santoro conspired together and united in overthrowing your father and taking the thrown. And what’s worse is..that they did it with the cooperation of Equalus themselves. The very own worst enemies of Orion. They..and my heart bleeds just to bring my mind on it, sold their souls to the devil for power and money. They turned their back to their very own people.

They embarked on the kingdom when nobody was expecting it, killed everyone in sight, including women and kids, and stopped to nothing till they got to your father and the thrown. The rest of the people were just lost without their leader to show them the way. And thus Orion fell into the hands of the worst and most unrighteous people one can fathom. In the end, there was only one clan left faithful to the old vision of Orion. It was my clan, the Eridanus that stayed loyal to our ideals, and actually just as the uprising was taking place, your father directed me to take you out of Orion. To give you a place that you can raise up and come to your full strength out of the treacherous hands of the hypocrites. And when the time would come the gods would ask you to revenge for your father’s murder, and kill the malicious and filthy insects that recuperated and took what was deserved from the people of Orion. What they took away from them, their future and their dreams is bound to return back and there is nothing I dream every night before I close my eyes than their death and rightful punishment. And they have to pay, do you hear me? They have to! So, you rightful heir of the Orion thrown, that you carry along with the most valuable component inside your very blood, you undisputable king that your compatriots and people ask you back to your original birthplace. It’s time to get back what is ours. It’s time to unite together and overturn the poisonous rats. Let’s rise up and get back to Orion and fight the evil of the universe. So I ask you, my dear, join me now because my army…your army is waiting for you right outside. And is ready for you. Ready to your command…