Short Stories

A Star For A Gift

«Bliah! This thing smells so bad! Are you sure this is what your father smokes?» The boy started coughing uncontrollably.

«Sure it is! I think you are too immature for it. Give me that!»

The girl grabbed the cigarette from the boy’s hand and took a big puff. Her wet lips glossed over it, leaving a layer of saliva over its end. Then she took it aside, holding it off with her two fingers fully erect.

«You are supposed to hold it with style. And only inhale part of it.» she said while exhaling a blob of smoke.

They were lying down over the roof-top, like two starfishes on the beach. Their limbs were spread out, swaying loosely on the ground while observing the clean-cut night sky.

“You know, they say if you see a star falling and make a wish it’s gonna come true.” Said the girl.

Girl: “You just need to close your eyes and make it as fast as possible.”

“Really?” Asked the boy.

“Yes, it’s what everybody says.” Responded the girl with a shrug.

Girl: “I could wish for becoming extremely rich and having my own home, and jewelries and never having to work in my life. I would only care about shopping for clothes and what crayons I should put on. It would be beautiful”

Boy: “Is that what you would wish for? I don’t know it seems strange..”

Girl: “Well, if you don’t believe it, it would never work. It can only come true if it is something you really want and deeply desire.”

“And why isn’t everybody rich then?» asked the boy.

Girl: «Because not everyone knows about it. Why are you so blatant about it?»

«Ok, sorry..» he said sluggishly, taking a sad expression.

Girl: «What would you wish for, were you to see one?»

Boy: «Hmm, not sure..»

Girl: «Well, you can’t wait to happen first for you to decide, you are gonna miss your chance.»

Boy: «I don’t know, it’s not easy to choose»

Girl: «well, think of something». The girl turned over to face him, waiting impatiently for an answer. The boy silenced for a few seconds.

Boy: «I would like to control time»

Girl: «Control time? What kind of thing is that?»

Boy: «Well like, you know, being able to see the future or go back in the past as I please. That would be cool..»

«You are so weird..» said the girl while making a grimace. 

The boy shrugged indifferently and turned his head back to the sky.

“You know miss Marley said that kids that study and get good grades are gonna be successful later in life. So no need to check my future.”

“Maybe..” said the boy softly.

Boy: “So what are your plans tomorrow, are you..”

“Don’t talk about tomorrow” the girl interrupted him.

Girl: “Tonight is a beautiful night. And the sky is as clear as it gets. Why don’t you use your time power and freeze it there forever?”.

Boy: “I don’t have that power yet”

“Of course you don’t” the girl said scoldingly, and they remained silenced for a few seconds.

“Would you like to kiss?” asked the girl out of the blue.

“What?” The boy’s eyes got wide open.

“You know, like grown-ups. You are supposed to bring your lips together and keep it there.”

“And then what?”

“Well nothing, that’s it. Then you are supposed to be a couple and share your secrets”

“Ok..maybe.. I guess..” the boy scratched his head.

“Ok then so you just need to smudge your lips and bring them together like that”

The girl sat on her legs and made a kissing gesture protruding her lips. 

The boy got up on his legs and approached her, mirroring her posture.

“So just remember you need to close your eyes before the kiss”

The girl closed her eyes and pointed out her lips again. The boy glanced left and right and followed along, closing them down. Holding their hands together, they touched their lips for a few seconds before the girl laid back again.

Girl: “Ok so now we are a couple”

“What does that mean?” said the boy, delaying to open his eyes for a bit.

Girl: “Well, we’ll have to get together every few days and share our thoughts. What happened the last days, what’s on our minds and what annoys us”

“Sounds good I guess” said the boy with content.

Boy: “But how easy it is to get together like that. I mean..”

Girl: “There is no question about it. If you want something, there is always a way. It’s what miss Marley said”

“Ok then..” responded the boy hesitantly.

Girl: “So we can find each other twice per week here in this rooftop and share everything that is happening in our lives.” she said excitedly. She remained steady with a smile on her face, looking right into his eyes.

«Yeah…that would be nice..» The boy nodded.

Girl: «And every time we meet we can lie down and talk, and exchange gifts and kisses..just like couples do..»

The boy looked a bit down smiling with reddened cheeks.

Girl: «Ok then, it’s better to get back or they will grow suspicious of us. We should meet each other soon then?»

«Yes» said the boy smiling. «I’m looking forward to it.»

And then they greeted each other and left with the girl being very joyful and the boy slightly hazy.

The next day came, and the boy was already awake in his bed. It was quite early in the morning and the city noise of the small city had made its way into the scene. Suddenly there was a knock on the boy’s door.

«Honey, wake up. It’s time to go to school.» The mother opened the door gently with a welcoming smile. 

«Ohh you are awake, thank god. You won’t believe it, it’s your lucky day today!»

The woman walked up in the bed and sat on the side of the bed.

«Miss’s Smith family wanted you to have this gift.» She revealed a little brown bear behind her back.

«They are moving out of town today and they wanted to give it to you as a kind little gesture. Something to make your day?» She teased his nose lightly.

The boy took the bear and nodded to her mother condescendingly.

«Ok honey, now don’t stay in bed for too long. We don’t want to run late for school, do we?». The mother tapped the boy’s feet and moved out of the room.

The boy hugged the bear and put it right next to his bed before making his way out.

In the evening the sky kept on its clarity. Full of million stars and no cloud in sight. The boy got out on the rooftop and lied there, watching the sky. He was silent and somewhat reserved but seemed serious and determined at the same time. He stayed in the same spot, motionless, staring above for a few hours. And suddenly he saw it. A little star, bright and shiny, made its way downwards, falling from the sky. With its long tail leaving a mark like a little brush in a painting. And the boy quickly closed its eyes tightly. And a little cry fell down on his cheek…