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Getting To A Higher Vibration

The brain works in frequencies. You may have heard of the various waves that permutate inside it with their distinctive frequency lengths. There are alpha waves when you re relaxed listening to music in an alerted relaxation, beta when more awake doing your daily job and then the even higher divisions of the gamma range. They all denote how different parts of your mind work together in coordination to process various inputs. It’s the way they communicate and send messages to each other trying to serve your situational needs. All the various components, made up by interconnected neurons shaped into a network of billions of nodes, communicate by firing signals to each other, creating this characteristic electromagnetic fingerprint. Consciousness has its designated frequency as well and our various everyday patterns can boost it up or down depending on our choice of action. In this article we are gonna see ways on how to raise it up and how to eliminate its obstacles.

Consciousness has a frequency. It is vibrating. It picks up everything coming to your perception through the senses and combines it together. It aggregates the information and categorizes it in this highly complex library you keep within you. But before we try to understand more of it lets investigate its past. What are its origins. After all, it is the part that distinct the human advantage so vividly.

The Origins Of Consiousness

Consciousness comes from the need to communicate. It is the more necessary the more social the species are and the more complex its societal rules. This is for a very specific reason. The more cooperation you have with others, the more you need to be aware of the way you expose yourself. The more you depend on them, the smarter you need to be in the ways you behave.

It is not by accident that there is a correlation with the volume of the brain and the size of the social structures.

Consciousness came the moment we stopped relying on our brute force to survive. When we saw the advantage in creating social bonds and relationships of convenience. The sustaining of such an expensive organ must surely had its reasons. But what are it’s secrets and how can we understand it’s inner workings. We definitely know by now how meditation helps it in achieving a higher and more enlightened awareness. But what is the reason behind this in the first place.

Consciousness consists of two very distinct parts. The perceptions of our environment from the input we get through the receiving organs, like our eyes, ears and so on and the analysis we make of it. Assuming all the work that needs to be done to make sense of the environment, all the while spending the minimum amount of energy, there is a cycle of processing happening in the brain that aggregates all the different percepts and makes sense of them. This is the part that is referred as the binding context and is one of the most imminent component of consciousness.

The Binding Context

This is the part that does all the work required to bring you back to presence and notify your higher capacities of what needs to be dealt. Anything that is distinguishing and is considered important, is brought up to your awareness and everything that is being conceptualised, stereotypically understood or has been reviewed in the past is being ignored. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our brain is trying its best to minimise the work it does in monitoring everything that comes from your perceptions. Imagine the chaos that would emerge if you had to be aware of every little thing and all the energy that would go to waste. Do you really need to be aware that your eyelids are closing every few seconds? Or that you wear glasses?

What Are The High Vibration Activities

High vibration activities are all those actions that allow for this binding context to hit more often than usual. The activities that require a higher frequency and forces you to level up. Meditation is the most characteristic example of it, but many people fail to realise how this works. Plus, this is not the only activity to bring those results. Or better said meditation is not the only way to meditate. You can have the same effects through other activities as well.

So why does meditation raises the vibration? It supposed to be clearing the mind, right? There are many ways to look at it and it would be a mistake to believe that one way or the other is the right one. What I want you to focus here is a particular aspect of it. Meditation forces you to trigger the binding context to the maximum of your capacity. Not only it pushes you to do it, but every time you reach a certain level it will dictate you towards the next. There is no limit to it really. It drives you down the path of having the full wavelength frequency as a straight horizontal line that keeps the consciousness constantly on.

A Higher Frequency

The way meditation raises the frequency is elusively simple yet powerful. It takes a step towards removing all the inner mental banter, deallocating all the resources that would get wasted into useless rumination up to the elevated state of taking in and perceiving your environment. Every time you bring your consciousness back to the present moment you are targeting the light of awareness to be directed outwards. This way you are triggering the binding context to work harder and harder, getting bigger and stronger like a muscle. You harness it’s power and manage to accelerate this incredible engine. Whenever you get this inner spotlight out of your inner workings of mental images, daydreaming and so on, you exercise the binding context. You shorten the duration of wasted intervals of you staring the unknown and not using your awareness, exposing you outwards to the world.

Sowhat other activities can raise your vibration? Taking the mechanism from meditation, it wouldn’t be surprising to find several activities. Reading, having one-on-one conversations with people, taking a peaceful walk or going into hiking are all great examples of it. All these activities combine the same characteristics of diminishing the internal brain processes and directing the spotlight externally. Any activity that allows or prompts you to internal activity is driving you to lower vibration. Any memory walkthrough, comparison to past experiences, running into past or future images is dragging you down. Any activity that forces you to keep your focus externally and process your perceiving input is raising it.

It is very confusing to many people that doing office work many times can be destructive to your vibration. But in the ways it is practised in modern scenarios, it is nothing but a series of notifications distracting you from doing essential work. Problem solving while overusing the short memory is also lowering the frequency. Cooking with dedicated consciousness and awareness is promoting it. The same goes for anything that limits the amount of input and notification you are receiving. Assuming you don’t fall into the trap of daydreaming, you can find an incredible amount of stillness. It drives you into a single line of process and a deeper sense of being. And that is as high vibration as it can get.

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