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How To Be Authentic And Stop Reactivity

How many times have you been in a position to subdue your real beliefs and opinions on fear of been socially rejected? How many times have you seen wrong take place right in front of you and said nothing because everybody else seemed to agree with it and you ride along with them. Furthermore, how many times have you refused to give voice to things that bother you so you push them in the back of your mind and refused to accept the reality of your own actual feelings in the hope of not rocking the boat. The stress of not being accepted by our immediate environment has been running through humanity since the very beginning and it was crucial to our survival. We learned to suppress our opinions and consciously or not we created a chasm in our united psyche the moment we decided socialness has more advantages that loneliness. Conflicting powers running through our lives constantly and we need to discover their real origin and purpose to see them for what they are.

Reactivity And Value

Truth is, we become reactive to everything that appears to have value for us. And value exists in anything that appears as it can alter our current living status, for better or worse. As long as it has this potential influence, it got right into our radar and has our full attention. Getting a promotion? A nice car? Did the boss just walked right into the room? Somehow all these seem to have a good gasp on us and how we behave.

Expressing Our Thoughts

The problem is that by giving power to things externally from us we blockade our creativity and hint our own expressional prowess. We activate a fear-based mindset and belittle our full potential. Many people misunderstand this to mean you are supposed to act like a dumbass in front of everyone to show how much you don’t care. Well, that is reactive as well. There is a difference in acting from the perspective to prove something to people around you and allowing things to be expressed though you.

Allowing Things To Happen Through You

We‘ve all been through encounters that people wanted to sell something to us or convince us of something to their own benefit. There are a few things that feel worse than others trying to get something from us, as it feels like a manipulative attempt for their own benefit. They turn into emotional vampires that try to suck value out of anything without giving anything in return. But is this any different from what we do anytime we stumble our true authentic expression? Anytime we hinder our real thoughts and intentions?

Of course the point here is not to go against everybody and express your every thought to your immediate environment just for being true to yourself. This is senseless behavior right in the border of psychotic. Society has rules and the limit to our freedom is right to the point it does not infiltrate to the freedom of others. What is needed instead, is that we raise our awareness on the chains society puts on us and our authentic expression and allow our true creative self come forward irrespectively of other’s opinions.

Our Uniqueness And Responsibility To The World

Bill Gates in one of his interviews referred on how your early child-obsessions shape your thought patterns in the later life. It is simply not possible for 2 individuals to have the same thoughts and focus patterns no matter how similar their circumstances are. Every person has something unique to offer and its not only his predisposition but his responsibility to find it and bring it forth.

We need to allow ourselves to flow into its natural direction irrespectively of how conventional our path is. Conventional is easy and safe. Finding your true path in life takes daily effort and differentiates a warrior spirit from a coward.

Letting go

There is a certain set of characteristics that are needed to be in place for authenticity to come forth. We need to let go of any external outcome or expectation and indulge in the present moment with objectivity for our reality. We need to give voice to our thoughts and feelings as they come and treat ourselves with the kindness not to judge us for having them and for possibly being in contrast with other people’s attitudes and views. We need to distance ourselves of what is happening to our bodies and minds and be brave enough to admit them for what they are. With no fear or attachment. That’s why journaling can be such a powerful ally on your path. It forces you to observe yourself objectively and change your understanding of it to the much clearer third perspective.

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