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How Setbacks Are There To Help You

That wasn’t the first time trouble found you. It seems like problems and discomfort are chasing after you all while everybody else has a good time. Bad luck? Pure coincidence? You feel like a magnet pulling all bad scenarios towards you. Things that could go wrong did go downhill. Scenarios marked as edge case did find a way to materialise. Now you feel depleted and unmotivated. You became the mere recipient of some bad-tasted jokes that the universe played against you. And the question remains. Why did it had to be you facing all this. Why from all the people in the world you came against hurdles that seemed so unjust and uncalled for, all while circumstances seem so undeservedly easy for others. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” people accommodately say but doesn’t seem very convincing to you. Even more so, it feels like a common place utterance used to denote how lucky they feel for not having been through what you had to face. Because deep down they have a sense of superiority for not having to deal with all this. And you re sensing it..and it makes you furious..

Truth be told, there are many hidden treasures from getting through hard times, but they are invisible while at it, in the heat of the moment. The heat of the moment, with all its mystical energy and alluring prowess. It’s like a current pulling you down under its powerful waves. And you have no choice but go along with it. You have to dance to whatever rhythm it’s giving you. Deprecating and belittling, but also sacred and divine. Because it’s a process of transformation and rebirth. You just need to transcend to the other side to realise it.

Hurdles are there to pose a very imminent question. What is the value to everything surrounding you and what do they bring to the table. They shake your life up and force you to re-evaluate it with refreshed eyes. People rarely realise that given the choice they would easily plunge into the oblivion of comfort, disgracefulness and lethargy. We are made up in such a way to take the easiest way out and exert the minimum amount of energy. Why would you get into the trouble of reexamining something that is good enough? No matter how many better choices are out there, we would be inclined to stay attached with mediocrity had we not be guided into the path of constant reassessment.

And how many times have you caught yourself unappreciative for what you have and what is given to you. It’s so easy to assume that you deserve it for no apparent reason and take it all for granted. An unseen and ignored spouse, an untasted and quickly devoured lunch or an unanswered request to engage with a friend. It’s so easy to witness us becoming more and more robotic and robust, unwavering and unemotional, towards goals that are gonna be unfulfilling once we have them. Hurdles is a necessary mechanism, as unwelcomed as it may be. Its role is to make us responsive to our environment, more alert, more alive, constantly tingling and tickling us to wake up and receive the messages coming our way from the world around us. It would be nice if there was another way but there is none..

Difficulties is the price we have to pay to be in position to gasp blessings and happiness.

Living More Authentically

What does living authentically means? We all feel like our choices are directed consciously and informatively by us and we plan ahead deliberately. But how much of this is true, really? Is the way we eat authentic, the way we dress or exercise? More often than not, people fall into patterns as dictated by others and their environment and stay with them as they are shaped into habits and familiarity. But unless something provokes you to give a try to alternatives, it is very doubtful you are gonna actually do so.

The universe doesn’t give you what you want, but what you need.

It wasn’t long ago that I realised how stiff I was in the ways I do my exercise. I was so accustomed in going to the gym that I had simply eradicated any other way of workout simply out of habit. It was only when this option was unavailable that I gave a try to some alternatives only to become blushingly apparent how blindsided I was. There is simply no such thing as an authentic choice unless you make the laborious conscious decision to try different things on your own and make an informed assessment. Everything else is just an expression of an autopilot mode made to create a cozy routine..

Getting To Know Yourself

As I was progressing over my blatant and colourless career in various businesses, one pattern emerged and came to be the constant throughout all of them. Recognising the mismatch of my core values and the work I was doing, was the trigger to lead to feelings of unfulfilment, anger and a general emotional deadlock which manifested through me being unhappy, closing down to eveybody around me, changing one job after the other and being unable to find a fit spot that satisfies all. The complications from this were devastatingly apparent. Little by little I would have to abandon the idea of finding peace following the career path I had choosen and come to terms with the fact that all the years of studying, following trends and working day and night on different subjects were a waste of time and nothing more.

Only that… what if this obstacle led to re-evaluate my position and my path and find different outlets I hadn’t anticipated before. What if this was the sign that led me down a path of finding different ways of creative expression that make me feel much more in place, grounded and fulfilled.

Without the core component of opposition I would have never doubted my choices, I would have never questioned whether there is something more suitable for my unique combination of traits and experiences that would allow me to bring more value to me and those around me.

Hurdles train your mind to be responsive, aware, and authentic. It’s only up to you to make the transcendence and see it..

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