Short Stories

The Proposal

«Wooo, I didn’t know a prince could be so fun!» giggled the woman, sitting on top of the young man. Her dress was wide open in the chest revealing a rich bust, and her curly hair was falling downwards hiding his face. «I was always wondering what such a busy and responsible person was hiding underneath..» she giggled again as she teased his face with her finger.

«And what did you found down there?»

«I found some…large and» she whispered heartily.

«Ohh is that right ah?» he said teasingly, as he tingled her waist with his hands causing her uncontrollable chuckling.

«I hope I don’t interrupt you there. But I would like to have a word with my son.» The authoritative female voice froze their laughter mid-way. «..If you don’t mind me asking..» The woman thin and austere, walked slowly towards the window gazing outside for a bit.

«Mother?» asked the young man dumbfounded as the girl on top of him stood up abruptly and rushed forward covering her exposed skin in agony.

The woman raised her hand as she continued looking straight out the window. «Would you like to put some clothes on? There are things…I want to discuss» she said as she dismissed the thought uncurling her hand in the air. 

«How long had you been sitting there?» ask the man as he was putting on his shirt folding it inside his trousers.

«Long bore myself..» she said in a slow manner. 

The woman approached the large table in the middle and sat in one of the long wooden chairs. It had the dark brown tone of the oak trees and it was carved all around with intricate, detailed shapes that were traversing all the way through it. The walls all around were filled with paintings and decorations and in all 4 corners, there was a huge golden knight armor shining through with its sparkle.

«I have told you I don’t want you to do that.» said the man as he neatened his hair.

«The Circinians signed a truce with the North,» 

«What?» said the man spitting the water he was drinking. «No way! I was just with them a few weeks ago.» he asserted.

«According to my calculations they are gonna have enough army under their command to attack us within 2 months.» said the woman casually. «Right now they are probably in search of more alliances and men capable to hold a deer.»

«That is treasony! They should be punished for it! Imeediately!» screamed the young man as he raised up from his chair.

«I don’t think yelling is gonna help the matter my dear.» she said indiffrently.

«How can you be so calm? This is preposterous. We should handle the matter immediately before they get enough time to organise an attack.» he pointed with his hand outwards.

«Their acts is not of any surpirse to us honey. I know of their doings and intentions for a long time now.»

«You know about it? Then why did you send me over to them?» asked the man in a demanding voice.

The woman took a deep breath and averted his gaze. She raised up and turned her back on him. «The Circinians always kept an eye against us. Your father had a number of spies active at all times to inform us of their doings.» she turned back to face him. «By you visiting them we gain time and create the impression to any outsiders that we are still united. Never underestimate the power of impression..» she uttered strongly as she emphasized every word.

«But uncle Rowan is the Circinian Lord. He would never betray us.»

«Uncle Rowan is a sworn enemy of our kingdom. He would do anything to destroy us.»

«Lies! How can you say that?» he pleaded.

«Unfortunately there are many things you don’t know my love.»

«What do you mean?»

The woman turned her back on him again as she holded her two hands in front of her waist.

«Your father and Rowan had a very strong bond once. They were as united as two brothers, raised together, can be. They would fight their battles, side by side, shedding their blood as one person, ready to give their lives for each other. Your great Grandfather, the great King Zeron, decided to separate them in the two far sides of the whole kingdom to eliminate any random disturbances. He gave Circinian to Rowan, allocating him control of the whole North, and Ursious to your father directing the South and the whole passage to the Varean sea. It was a tragic moment for the two brothers to lose each other in such a way but they admitted their fate, realizing the need for them to do so.» The man kept watching the woman carefully holding out on her every word.

«And then came the marriages. Rowan took the daughter of lord Sinius. One of the most powerful and influential figures in the area. His riches were unimaginable and he had in his possession countless ships that could support shipments and transportation through the sea.» She started walking towards the other side of the room getting a bit distant from him. «My marriage with your father would also facilitate one of the strongest bonds between Ursious and the Octans. Sworn enemies throughout the centuries, war and battles had worn both sides. A unification of this kind would promise a new era of peace and prosperity to everybody.»

«That’s how I’ve been told so far as well.» said the man.

«Correct, but what you don’t know is that your father was never content with the separation of the kingdom. The Circinians had achieved so much power they were undermining the kingdom for their benefit. The once necessary division of power had turned around to be a weight dragging our well being. It was clear that all various parts needed to come back together, unified under one King that would surpass any localized interest for the good of the whole. That would allow us to progress in peace again as it was once the case.» She turned up against him to face him.

«But such a romantic view was bound to be perceived the wrong way. Their battle was ferocious. Your father pleaded to Rowan to accept his proposal for a united kingdom but he was uncompromising. He would accept none of it. Their disagreement would lead them down to unreverted conflict which they would keep alive forever after.»

«But still the Circinians would never take the initiative to attack us based on that. That is an unreasonable act.»

The woman took a big breath and walked slowly towards him as she leaned towards the table touching it with her two hands.

«There is something else,» she said tentatively averting his gaze.


«Your father was a very promiscuus man. Of course all men are like that but..there are rumors..»

«What rumors?»

«That Merek is actually his child..»

«Merek? Rowans son? The little prince?»

«Your father presumably had some sort of relationship with Sara. If what they say is true then this bastard can put a claim as a formidable hair of the throne. As long as he lives he puts a strain on us and the kingdom’s heritage.»

«That is absurd! We should strike anyone who make such claims and kill them all»

«With time you’ll learn to not react so warm-heartidely darling. I would never let anything bad happen to you. You know that right?» she said as she carressed his hair. She pointed at the chair beside him guiding the young man to take a sit as she stood right opposite him on the top of the table.

«I wouldn’t be here talking to you if I hadn’t already fortell all this and have a set plan to deal with the situation. You shouldn’t underestimate a Queen like that, don’t you think darling?» she smiled.

«So what’s the plan?»

«The Circinian think that they managed to convince the northerns to ally with them. But they underestimate the power the lords and the rich have in their desicion making. I have already contact a number of them and arranged a number of land sellings that could be quite..let’s say beneficial to the high class. When the time comes they are gonna find that what they thought to be their half man force ready to battle alongside them, was actually nothing but thin air.» She took a sip from her red wine.

«At the same time I have send message already to Pixus in the West» she said as she casually lied on the wide chair hand trunk, resting her head on the top of the chair right along with the man’s. «You have already reached the age of marriage, my dear. You are gonna need a princess through which you can make your hair and create your successor.» She started caressing his blonde hair again. «Plus an alliance with them would offer us strong support to all sorts of enemies.»

«You mean you want me to marry someone from the Pixus family?»

«Lord Pixus with his daughter should be already in the palace by this afternoon. We are gonna have some good cheers and laughs tonight while you..» she smiled as she smelled her wine. « should have some good time with Sophy. Within a few days, you can propose to her and her father, for which they should accept with gratitude solidifying our position for good.»

«Propose? that’s quite a bold move for something that could never materialize.» said the man stunned. «Maybe we should wait and…» The woman passed her hand on his right cheek, interrupting him, turning his head around softly, and bringing it thin close to hers. «You are gonna have a lovely life together marked with riches and lots of little babies. Babies like the one» she grabbed his hand and took it over to her belly «..I have inside me my love.» she said as she leaned her head sideways with a bittersweet smile. With slow moves, she pulled his head closer to her and kissed him softly and tenderly on his cheek. The man closed his eyes as she continued kissing it escalating in licking his face with her tongue passing outwards on his face while lowering her hand down to his crotch. 

«I, on the other hand, have arranged to meet with Lord Borin.» she whispered to him. «He is respectable and powerful and has been faithful to us for many many years since I can remember.»

«Lord Borin? I’m not sure about him» said the man fast breathing with his eyes still closed.

«He would be of great value to us and our standing. You know since your father died, I never thought I would be in a position to marry another man.» She caressed his cheeks with her long red nails contrasting his white skin. «I always thought that you would be the only man in my life, thereafter. But the times changed and required us to change along with them.» She gazed up for a bit. «Lord Borin is a good man and he will be able to provide for this kid as if it was his own.»

The man grinned.

«I expect him to be here in a few days to..discuss the matter face to face. It should be an easy agreement to make.»

«Well I only see it as a profitable proposition for Lord Borin, I’m certain he will be quite pleased with it..» said the young man calmly causing a little burst of laoughter in them.

«That’s right darling» she said gigling. «It’s all gonna work out in the end.» She said smiling as she lied next to him. And her right hand fell downwards unzipping his pants as she jumped on top of him…